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Velocity helps developers to be more efficient by providing a simple way to create any number of on-demand, ephemeral development environments. This means that developers on your team won’t spend hours on end waiting for a shared staging environment to run integration tests. Instead, they will each have their own development environment that mirrors production, so de facto integration testing can shift left into development itself. This means reduced feedback loops, higher code quality and – ultimately – faster delivery of new features.

With developer experience at top of mind, Velocity allows you to run any number of application services on your local machine, while the remainder of the application runs in your cloud provider account like AWS or GCP. This allows developers to easily run a portion of a complex, microservice-oriented application locally for development or debugging, while running the remainder of the application in the cloud.

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Sign up for a free account, and you can spin up a development environment based on either the provided sample app or one of your own. See a blueprint of services and their dependencies, move a service to your local machine while still connected to the remote environment, and interact with the app through a preview front-end. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Velocity Sample Environment