What Not to Miss at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is just around the corner, and this year is full of great sessions, activities, and sponsors. With hours of amazing content both in-person and online, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the sessions and events we’re most looking forward to.

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I’m new to cloud native

Whether you are a K8s expert or just getting started, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon has something for you. In addition to our picks, be sure to check out the full 101 track during the conference.

  • The CNCF Cloud Native Glossary: Trusted. Simple. Community-driven. [In-person]
    In this lightning talk, the co-creator and maintainer of the Cloud Native Glossary will explain how the glossary aims to explain complex technical terms in simple words, whether you’re searching for a service mesh definition or just trying to understand what CI/CD is.
  • A Cloud Native Swiss Knife [In-person]
    Dealing with cloud native deployments can be challenging at first. Knowing and having the right tool for each task can make all the difference. During the Thursday keynote, learn what tools and functionalities could significantly improve the daily life of your developers and operators.
  • Learn About Helm and Its Ecosystem [In-person]
    In this session you'll get an introduction to Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes. When this session is done, you'll have a good grasp on what Helm is and where you can get started using it.

I want to benefit from the lessons learned by others

No matter what cloud-native challenges you are facing, chances are another team has dealt with the same problem. Learn from the experts in these case study sessions.

  • Building Container Images in Kubernetes: It’s Been a Journey! [In-person]
    Almost all of Datadog now runs on Kubernetes, but for a long time they needed dedicated nodes running Docker to build container images. In this session, hear from the Datadog team about the “interesting journey” they took while migrating container image builds to Kubernetes.
  • Paradox of Choice: How to Pick and Application Definition That Works for You [In-person]
    Intuit’s platform engineering team supports over 5,000 developers. Choosing the right toolset for their application abstraction was challenging, as the toolset had to satisfy their wide array of use cases as well as fit their existing toolchain. Hear what they learned while evaluating Kustomize, Helm, KubeVela, Crossplane, and more.

I’m interested in multi-tenancy

If you attended our recent LF Live webinar, How to Create and Manage Multi-Tenant Cluster Solutions Using Self-Service, and you want to continue your multi-tenancy journey, check out one of these sessions. (Missed the webinar? Watch the recording online.)

  • Multi-Tenancy: Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Tests [Virtual]
    Join the maintainers and leaders of the upstream Kubernetes working group for multi-tenancy for an overview of the tools, documentation, tests, and capabilities you can achieve to share Kubernetes clusters between teams and users.
  • Multi-Tenancy for Argo Workflows and Argo CD at Adobe [In-person]
    Ethos, the Adobe Cloud Platform, has designed an architecture to create a secure multi-tenant CI/CD experience for their developer teams. In this session, learn how they achieved multi-tenancy through the isolation of each component of their developer CI/CD workflows with ArgoCD AppProjects and RBAC.

I want to improve developer experience

We at Velocity are constantly striving to improve the lives of developers – in fact, it’s why we built Velocity! In the spirit of a happy development team, check out these sessions.

  • How We Revolutionized Developer Experience with 3.5 Platform Engineers [In-person]
    Think cloud native is only for large organizations? Not true! In this case study, learn how a small team of platform engineers revolutionized the developer experience for 30 developers at Annotell with the help of cloud native projects.
  • Thriving with Kubernetes On-Call: Best Practices and Lessons Learned [Virtual]
    In this panel, engineers from Airbnb, Lyft, Netflix, and Robinhood share their challenges, experiences, and learnings when it comes to managing a sustainable on-call rotation, including keeping on-call engineers happy, balancing rapid response with alert fatigue, and proactively dealing with production issues.

Give me a session based on title alone!

For those of you who make fantasy football picks based on the team mascot, these sessions are for you. :-)

  • A Raccoon and a Group of Turtles Secure Clusters Together! [In-person]
    How do a raccoon and a bunch of turtles find common ground? You find a goose who makes space where both feel welcome. Come for the stories from the animal kingdom; stay for the real stories of humans breaking new ground in the form of community driven security improvements.
  • Turn Me On with Cloud-Native Feature Flags! [In-person]
    This session from one of the Open Feature project team maintainers will aim to “excite” and get people thinking about how they can implement feature flags in their own workloads.

I want to learn more about cloud native solutions

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon has an impressive list of sponsors – including Velocity! If you will be in-person in Detroit, stop by the Solutions Showcase to meet the Velocity team in booth S46. Attendees of the virtual conference, you’re not left out! Visit the Solutions Showcase online to browse sponsor booths and chat with Velocity live during our office hours.