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At Our Core

Strong shared values help us work better together

Embrace Possibilities

We proactively seek new ideas and information, and we are willing to challenge the status quo to continuously innovate and increase our solutions’ impact.

Take Action

We move quickly and take bold risks that result in growth and knowledge, while maintaining high standards of excellence and a results-driven mentality.

Rise Up Together

We learn together and support each other through honest, ego-free communication and purposeful transparency. There is nowhere to go but up!

Meet the Team

Yarel Maman
Sr. Software Engineer

"I decided to work at Velocity because we are solving something that I am really passionate about and have experienced personally. It’s fun and exciting dealing with interesting technology challenges every day."

Idan Kinory
Software Team Leader

"At Velocity, I’ve had the chance to develop professionally and was recently promoted from Senior Software Engineer to Engineering Team Lead, which has been an exciting change for me. The nicest part about Velocity is that we create a product for our fellow developers. I am both a builder of the product and a user, so there is a great connection between our team’s experience and what eventually goes into the product."

Reut Sherry
Product Designer

"At Velocity, It’s exciting to build the product design from scratch and to really own this aspect of the customer experience, and do my best to make it easy and smooth. Working at a place with such a strong vision to solve a real issue is exciting and interesting. I am constantly surrounded by such intelligent and talented people that support my personal and professional development."

Velocity Team

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