Senior Backend Engineer


Velocity is in pursuit of helping companies increase their feature to market speed. Our solution focuses on tools that allow developers to create and use their on-demand, fully isolated production-like environments during development in the same ease they create Git branches.

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer with a passion for building customer-friendly solutions and empathy to understand and shape how developers work.

The ultimate candidate is a seasoned engineer who understands the value of building usable products. They understand the customer, the suggested product features, and what should be developed before writing code. They leverage best practices to ensure production-grade delivery on time. They are hands-on developers who know how to utilize and implement modern development and test practices.

We are looking for our first employees who will help us define the company’s culture, join us in delivering an MVP, and impact its success. Those will also have the opportunities to be a part of the company’s growth future leadership.

The role will report to our CTO and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • Build the first cloud-native platform of it's kind for automating the provisioning of production-like environments
  • Own the full development cycle - from design to implementation, testing and all the way to production
  • Work with the most cutting-edge development environment tools; CI/CD, Monitoring and other tooling
  • Collaborate with fellow developers and other stakeholders to deliver the best customer-facing products
  • Ensure KPIs and metrics are in place for evaluating the usability and necessity of every feature


  • 5+ years of backend development experience in Go/Python/Node.js/Ruby/Rust/.NET/Java
  • Experience developing and deploying production-grade systems in cloud-based environments
  • Independent, autodidact who enjoys solving challenging problems
  • Great communication skills, strong attention to detail and can work independently and under pressure


  • Familiarity with Docker, Kubernetes, or other container orchestrations utilities
  • Experience with implementing CI/CD pipelines
  • Development of CLI tool

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