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Try Velocity for free using a sample environment deployed to our sandbox cluster

Get hands-on with Velocity

Explore your remote environment

See a diagram of the services including their deployment status and dependencies. Click the services to see more details such as environment variables, image definitions, and more.

Screen: environment

Develop a service locally while connected to the remote environment

Deploy a sample Golang application, run one of the services on your local machine, and see the dependencies still running in the cloud.

Screen: local machine

Velocity in your IDE

  • Create, start, and stop Velocity environments directly from your IDE
  • Develop and debug a service locally, while the remainder of the application runs in a cloud-hosted Kubernetes cluster
  • See your changes reflected in the remote portion of the environment immediately
  • Access service details and logs associated with each running service from the IDE
Velocity IDE screens

Create your own Velocity environment

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