Build faster and release with confidence

Accelerate feature-to-market delivery with Velocity’s rapid development environments

Screen: blueprint

Develop with environments that mimic production

Easily configure your environment by adding Velocity templates and annotations to your existing infrastructure as code
Visualize your environment with a map of each service and its dependencies
See code changes in real-time with real-life context, data, and third-party dependencies, just as they would appear in production

Focus on writing code, not managing environments

Develop your application locally while Velocity runs all your dependencies
Keep working the way you want with your current dev toolbox; Velocity supports macOS, Linux, and Windows
Easily spin up new environments as often as you need them using Velocity’s CLI, UI, or IDE plugins
Screen: Local service
Screen: create environment

Eliminate environment bottlenecks

No more wasting time waiting around to get access to a shared staging environment
Create environments for every pull request or feature branch without fear of disrupting other devs or putting real data at risk
Isolated, ephemeral environments allow teams to work on different PRs running in parallel

Collaborate with preview environments for everyone

Get a custom URL to preview and share with other stakeholders for instant visibility and faster feedback cycles
Collaborate with other devs on features that require changes to multiple services and debug different services in the same environment
Environments aren’t just for developers – sales and marketing teams can use preview environments to demo a product or feature, even if it’s not yet in production
Screen: Private URL
Screen: TTL

Optimize your cloud costs and engineering resources

No more paying for unused cloud resources - environments can be manually destroyed or automatically deleted when they become idle
Gain visibility into what’s running at any point in time with full environment status logs
Let DevOps focus on production – give developers pre-production environments that don’t require DevOps resources to manage them

Get the support you need when you need it

Kubernetes expertise not required – get started with a click or get custom setup tailored to your specific environment and use case
Get easy access to help with a dedicated Slack channel and high-quality documentation
Still stuck? Velocity’s technical team is available to jump on a Zoom call and troubleshoot issues
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See Velocity in action

Work with your existing toolset

Velocity in your IDE

  • Create, start, and stop Velocity environments directly from your IDE
  • Develop and debug a service locally, while the remainder of the application runs in a cloud-hosted Kubernetes cluster
  • See your changes reflected in the remote portion of the environment immediately
  • Access service details and logs associated with each running service from the IDE
Velocity IDE screens

Get started for free today

Get free, hands-on access to try Velocity using a sample environment deployed to our sandbox cluster

Velocity labs on laptop

Take a deeper dive

Check out our documentation to learn more about Velocity environments, creating blueprints, using the CLI, integrating with your CI/CD workflow, and more.

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