Increase Developer Velocity and Maintain Dev/Prod Parity

Accelerate feature-to-market delivery with production-like environments as a service

How it Works

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Fully-Isolated, Production-Like Environments in a Click

  • Any change or new service added to production are synced so you always have the most up-to-date environment to work with.
  • Enrich environments with real-life context, data, and third-party dependencies to get a realistic example of how your application will work, without waiting for a shared staging environment.
  • Create new environments as often as you need using Velocity’s command line tool or through Velocity’s UI.
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Eliminate Environment Bottlenecks

  • Work in fully-isolated environments without fear of disrupting the customer experience, or putting real data at risk.
  • See changes instantly without having to redeploy each time you write a new line of code. Validate and reduce errors in development, before deploying to a shared environment.
  • Remote teams can work in parallel on different features, without affecting each other - no more “I’m taking over staging!"
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Develop Against Past or Future Versions

  • Work against components in different versions without having to request another team to deploy them for you.
  • Create and develop environments with a future branch of one (or more) components that wasn’t released to production.
  • Create data snapshots for everyone to use and share, and allow  teams to replicate real-life use cases.
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Seamless Developer Experience 

  • Overloaded laptops are the past. Scale out and leverage the cloud by developing multiple components locally, while the rest of your dependencies run in the cloud.
  • Create unlimited environments for every pull request, or feature branch with full access to the same context, resources, and data you would have in production.
  • Stay and work the way you want, with your current dev toolbox. Velocity supports macOS, Linux, and Windows.
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Optimize Your Cloud Costs & Resources

  • Velocity works with your cloud providers and analyzes the infra to find the smallest amount of resources needed to run each environment.
  • Ephemeral environments are short-lived and don’t require to be run 24/7. Idle environments are automatically deleted or can be destroyed manually.
  • Gain visibility into what’s running. See full environment status and logs to monitor resources being used at all times.
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Collaborate with Preview Environments for Everyone

  • Get a custom URL to preview and share with other stakeholders for instant visibility and faster feedback cycles, as you develop and make any changes.
  • Collaborate with other developers on features that require changes to multiple services, and debug different services on the same environment.
  • Environments aren’t just for developers. Sales and marketing teams can use preview or demo environments to show what the product will actually look like to prospects and customers, even if it’s not in production.
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