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Ship high-quality code faster with Velocity’s ephemeral, on-demand development environments

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Focus on writing code, not managing development environments


Commit and push working code only when you're done


Innovate and ship features quickly and confidently through collaboration


The benefits of building with Velocity

Work locally, run remotely

Instantly spin up self-served ephemeral environments as part of every pull request. Work locally in your IDE to develop and debug, while your application’s dependencies run remotely.

Your cloud and tech stack

Work with the tools and services you need, not another YAML file. Configure once and create unlimited ephemeral environments with the relevant data and third-party dependencies you need to test, work, and debug against.

Environments when you need them

No more bottlenecks. Work on future environments or test applications in parallel without disrupting other developers – all with the right context and relevant data.

Collaborate to shift left

Replicate real use cases that will occur in production to eliminate errors. Share custom URLs with QA, product, and other stakeholders for faster feedback cycles.

Enterprise-level security

Run Velocity environments completely on your cloud-hosted infrastructure. The Velocity platform is SOC2 certified, and single sign-on (SSO) is supported to give you complete control over your cloud, data, and security.

Resource optimization

No more wasting cloud resources. Destroy environments immediately or enable time-to-live to de-provision idle environments.

Happy developers use Velocity

“I don’t need to spend time on configuration or setting up new tools. With Velocity, I can create an on-demand, reliable environment with one command that lets me work on my local environment and connect it to the remote environment. This makes my day-to-day much easier.”

Shir Maor

Senior Full-stack Engineer, Granulate

“Using Velocity, our developers don’t need to worry about creating a database or maintaining data. All of that is done for them. If their specific task is to let’s say, build UI, they’re just building UI. They’re not focusing on anything else, and that makes them a lot more productive.”

Oren Griffin

Application Infrastructure Team Lead, Optibus

On-demand environments for any team


With Velocity, developers can spin up a self-serve environment with just a click – no more unreliable shared staging environments or complex configurations to maintain on their local machines. Developers can choose which services to run locally while all other dependencies run remotely in the cloud. Velocity makes it easy for devs to simply launch an environment from their IDE or CLI and start writing code.


Ensure your developers are not drifting away from reality. Now it's easier for DevOps to leverage the same configuration and deployment files used for production to manage how developers create their own environments. Remove all the custom bash scripts and orchestrate development environments in the same way you are managing your production and staging environments.


QA teams will be surprised at how much faster and easier testing becomes with Velocity. QA doesn't need to wait for staging or to ask the DevOps team to generate an environment. QA engineers can spin up as many on-demand environments as they need with the confidence that each one will be consistent and reliable – all with access to the same context, resources, and data as they would have in production.


Velocity allows product managers more visibility into new feature development earlier in the process. Environments can be created for any pull request or feature branch, allowing PMs to see what the product will actually look like and how it will perform before it hits production. In addition, Product teams can benefit from instant visibility and faster feedback cycles by sharing a custom preview URL with other stakeholders.

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