Develop locally in your IDE, build, run and debug directly on your cloud

Make changes and debug services that are running in complex, Kubernetes-based environments straight from your favorite IDE.

Fast and easy setup from your IDE
(No complex configuration, no operator)

Velocity integrates with popular IDEs, supporting the most common programming languages
IDE's supporting
Visual Studio Code
IDE's supporting
Visual Studio Code

Development feedback loops in seconds instead of hours.

Plug and play a faster feedback loop for cloud development.

Accelerate your development cycle using your favorite IDE and Velocity’s plugin.
Make changes and debug code locally, while your application runs in your Kubernetes environment.

Commit and push only when you are confident that your code actually works.

Commit, Push, Trigger CI, Deploy to your cluster can take from 2 minutes to 2 hours. With Velocity code changes are synced live as you make them.
No more waiting for long CI processes while developing – validate your code in reality and commit afterwards.

Be your DevOps’ best friend – develop and debug independently in your Kubernetes environment.

Reduce onboarding friction for developers joining your team.
Make it easy to locally reproduce complex application flows.
Have your application, your data and all the dependencies running on your existing Kubernetes cluster while your IDE and code are on your laptop.

If you can run it in your cluster, you can develop it with Velocity.

When your app is too big of a bite for your laptop to chew, Velocity makes it simple to dev while all of your services run in your cluster.
Leverage your cluster when it’s impossible to run your application locally.

Work with your existing toolset